Are All Progressive Lenses Created Equal?

No!!!!! Was that too loud? Sorry. My name is Mike and I am the Optician/Manager here at IVO Eye Center. I hope to help you, the consumer, better understand the different progressive lens technologies available and how your vision may benefit from one design over another.

Progressive lenses have been around for many decades. However, it wasn't until the 1980's that the progressive lens technology really started to find a home in the consumer market.

Progressives today appeal to a very large segment of our nation's population. Why is that? Well, anyone that has trouble reading, viewing a computer, or looking at a smartphone can benefit from a progressive lens. A progressive lens, in its most basic format, will enable a patient to see objects far away (distance), objects at arms length (intermediate) and items up close, such as text (near).

Today, there are many different lens designs available depending on what is most important to you the consumer. Looking for inexpensive? It's available. Looking for a lens designed just for the office? It's there for the taking. Looking for the most customized, elite performance lens that will take your vision to the next level? Again, it can be had.

Are you convinced yet that all progressives do not perform identically? Whether it's sports, business, sunwear or just general purpose speed of life activities, there is a specific progressive lens design out there for you!

Do you have questions about anything discussed in this blog? Call or come see me at IVO Eye Center. I can discuss and educate you about the things we can do for you that you have been missing out on!


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